What qualifications do you need to be a translator?

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If you are interested in becoming a translator and later on getting certified, there are certain education qualifications and general qualities that you need to possess.

You should keep a track on these eligibility requirements from an early stage to have a successful translator career.

What qualifications do you need?

  • Degree Level – Only a high school education will not suffice. You need to at least have a Bachelor’s Degree. While you are enrolling for your college, try opting for a foreign college because exposure to different languages and cultures will ultimately help you in becoming a translator. You should also have some involvement in community language organizations.
  • Degree Field – You usually do not require any specific field of education to become a translator. But if you want to work in the legal field or in the medical field, a basic knowledge of the subject is often required.
  • Language Skills – Knowing at least two different languages and being an expert in them is necessary if you want to become a translator. Knowing more languages than that never hurts but you must be fluent.
  • Pass tests of language proficiency – Knowing a language is not enough. You will have to pass the different language proficiency tests as a proof of your fluency in that language.

After you have done all the above steps, you will have to apply for tests for certification from different bodies like ATA or American Translator’s Association.