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Education Credential Evaluation - Overview

Coming to the United States for undergraduate, graduate, or professional schooling can be exciting but challenging for international students. At GCS we make the transition easier by providing an accurate, comprehensive international credential evaluation.

Getting a credential evaluation from GCS will help Colleges and Universities within the U.S. understand your educational background.

Credential Evaluations help validate the knowledge and skills of potential students and must be represented in the best manner. We ensure that all your credits are considered to give you maximum leverage and increase your chances of admission to the institution of your choosing.

INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION’S give timely reports and complete your translation and evaluation of documents quickly to ensure that you do not miss out on application deadlines.

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Documents For Educational Credential Assessment

Diploma or Certificate of Completion

Please submit a scan of this document with your evaluation

If your documents are not in English, please submit a Certified Translation

Transcript or Marksheet

For a course by course evaluation, please submit your transcript or marksheet detailing courses and grades

How it works


Step 1

Submit your application

Step 2

Upload your documents to our system.

Step 3

We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.

What type of report you need

We recommend you contact your school to find out what type of report is required. The most common types of reports for education are

Document Report

This is an evaluation of your diploma or certificate without any information about the specific classes that you took or your grades. Document Reports can only be done to successfully completed programs. You can do a Document Report on your high school, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate program.

Course Report (High School Only)

An evaluation report on your secondary education that includes the classes that you took, your grades and credits.

Course Report (post-secondary only)

An evaluation report on your undergraduate or graduate education that includes the classes that you took, your grades and credits.

Course Report (High school + Post-secondary)

A Course Report detailing the courses, grades and credits of both your secondary and your undergraduate or graduate program.


Review documentation requirements

Review the documents needed based on your level of education you are submitting



When you are ready to order a report:

When you are ready to order a report:

  • Create an account
  • Complete application and submit payment through your account
  • After you order, mail or submit your educational documents according to your documentation requirements
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Frequently asked questions

If I didn't complete a program, could I still do a Document or Course Report?

Yes, you are able to receive an evaluation for a degree you did not complete.  We will award you the certain number of credits.

Is it possible to include my work experience in my evaluation?

Yes, however that is a separate product, and only used for immigration. Please visit our page on Work Experience Evaluations.

I need my evaluation to reflect my current last name. Is that possible?

Yes, please provide the name you want issued on the report.

What is the turn around time on all reports?

Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days, however you are welcome to purchase an expedited service.

What can I do if I need my report to come faster?

We have same day, next day, and 2 day rush available for purchase during checkout.

What would my equivalency be?

We will issue your United States equivalence based on our research, and supported by AACRAO EDGE.

Would the equivalency of my foreign degree be the same in the United States?

This is part of the evaluation process where we determine the equivalence. Often times it will be similar, however it is up the discretion of the evaluator.

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