Work Experience Evaluation

Professional Work experience evaluation accordance with GEO regulations.


Professional Work Experience Evaluation for Students & H1B Visas - Overview

This report combines relevant professional experience with academic coursework to determine a US bachelor's or master's equivalence.

This evaluation takes into account the professional experience of the candidate by analyzing formal education, training programs, and work experience. These evaluations are prepared in accordance with USCIS regulations.

  • When it is needed
    Work experience evaluations are needed when a candidate’s academic credentials are not equivalent to a US Bachelor’s degree, or when a candidate’s academic background is in a field outside of his or her prospective employment.
  • What it includes
    Work experience evaluation lists the company names, professional titles, dates of employment and detailed job descriptions in order to clearly demonstrate the expertise the experience the candidate has acquired in the professional world.

Documents Required

diploma Degree or Diploma's along

The all academic/work-related documents to be submitted in English and must be notarized.
Certified Translation

diploma Past work experience

Experience letters from all the previous employers, clearly mentioning the dates worked, job duties performed and the skill sets

How does it work

Step 1


Select the type of report you need

The most common types of reports used for employment purposes are

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Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.

Step 2


Review documentation requirements and send in your documents for quote

Review the documents needed based on your level of education you are submitting

High School

If you are required to submit your high school, please include all original high school/secondary school transcripts, certificate of standardized examination results, and a copy of your diploma of graduation (if you have it)

Post-secondary (college, university, etc.)

If you are required to submit your post-secondary education, please include all original post-secondary transcripts* and a copy of your degree certificate, if you received it.

Step 3


Place your order

When you are ready to order a report:

  • Create an account
  • Complete application and submit payment through your account
  • After you order, mail or submit your educational documents according to your documentation requirements
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Frequently asked questions

If your evaluation is for an immigration visa application, it is important that your evaluation equivalency be relevant to your prospective employment. There are primarily two types of evaluations: 1) Academic Evaluations and 2) Work Experience Evaluations. In general, if your non-US degree is equivalent to a US degree that is directly related to the job you will do, you will only need an evaluation of academic credentials. If your degree is not equivalent to a US degree, or if it is in a field outside of your prospective employment, a work experience evaluation may be necessary. If you are unsure which type of evaluation you need, please submit your documents by sending an email or using the quote form and request a preliminary assessment. Also, it is always best to consult with your lawyer with regards to the type of evaluation you need for the immigration application, before submitting a request.

Work experience evaluations take 7-9 business days to process and it will be sent to your email. Once you review it and confirm you have no corrections, it will then be mailed to your address.

Our evaluators come from a wide range of backgrounds with over 50 years combined experience in higher education. They undergo rigorous testing and background checks in order to be a credential evaluator.

Many carry a variety of accreditations and certifications, but this varies per evaluator as there is no worldwide accreditation or certification for evaluators in existence.

GCS is a widely accepted credential evaluator. However, it is always best to check with the institution you are submitting the evaluation to.

It is your responsibility to ensure our evaluation will meet their requirements. If you aren't sure, contact us with a list of their requirements and we can review with you.

USCIS is an exception as we handle lots of evaluation that are submitted to them and know their requirements very well. We offer a USCIS Acceptance Guarantee.

All academic transcripts, diplomas, and records submitted have to be translated by a Certified Translator to ensure accuracy and impartiality of the translated documents.

While we do not do pre-assessment as we have to do the complete evaluation to find out the exact equivalent, you may indicate your desired equivalency (e.g., Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Computer Science) when you submit your initial quote request. We will work with you to accommodate your anticipated academic equivalency. Our evaluators have many years of experience evaluating foreign credentials and we have many databases, reference libraries, and reliable sources for current and accurate information regarding specific foreign academic institutions and specific degree programs. If, after extensive research and consideration that we are unable to issue the equivalency you are seeking, a member of the evaluations team will contact you to discuss alternative options for the evaluation.